Wall and the Battle of Heavensfield 3rd November

Another fine, fine day for a walk; we have been blessed during this programme with fabulous weather.

Overnight rain meant that we started the walk on an alternative route and what a great alternative it proved to be- a woodland stroll up to Planetrees wall site near the Military Road. From there it was a bit of a steep climb up to St Oswald’s church but being so close to the start of the walk,we all coped!

After a brief look into the lovely interior, we ploughed on to Written Crag for lunch with a view. Perching on the leeward side of the slope we had fine views over the Tyne Valley as we munched our pasties\sandwiches\crisps. A bit of a stiff breeze blew up shortly after lunch and we were walking straight into it as we approached the picturesque hamlet of Fallowfield. It made for tough going for about half a mile but the partnering sunshine counterbalanced any discomfort.

After Fallowfield it was, quite literally, all downhill from there as we completed the loop on the hills above Wall. The way down into the village was a bit tricky along a trickling stream however we arrived intact and completed the walk with a stroll through the village.

You can see the walk gallery here.

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