Once Brewed 8th December

Disappointingly no-one turned up for this walk; probably due to the foul weather, Christmas shopping and the long-ish drive.

Nonetheless, the three Coopers struck out gamely from Once Brewed as the drizzle came down. This is the classic Wall walk passing a host of well known landmarks such as Sycamore Gap, that big pond\small lake under the tall cliff and the fine remains of a mile castle.

However, as we struck out along the wall to Housesteads the weather closed in and the wind blew and we got soaked! As the wind was right at our backs, we got soaked just up or backs and our legs. By the time we reached Housesteads visitor centre we were thoroughly cold and miserable. Thankfully the centre was open and we were allowed to use the new café area to warm up and dry out. There weren’t many other visitors and so we spent a good hour gently steaming.

With the rain and the wind now directly in our faces, we decided to head back via the road; quicker and less scenic but considering we were heads-down, the better option!

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