Walk 1 Sunday 19th January 2014

There’s something about the first walk of the year isn’t there?

Full of optimism, stocked up with new gear from Christmas and ready to turn over a new walking leaf. Our first walk at Stocksfield saw us meet up in the little car park just outside of the village to the west. It was a mild, overcast day but promised to get brighter. Six of us struck out across muddy fields and byways with 7.5 miles ahead of us. Our new programme has the theme of Fantastic Views and after a bit of huffing and puffing uphill, we were rewarded with a stunning panorama above Stocksfield itself and the Tyne Valley. As the day cleared up and watery sunshine broke through the cloud cover we stopped for lunch at the lovely little village of High Mickley. It was all downhill from then on – quite literally – as we fought through squelchy, boot sticking mud on the way back to the village.

All in all, a great way to start the new programme.

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