Northumberlandia 29th July

Our new programme of walks is themed as Weird & Wonderful and so we started off with a walk that was truly different for us; an evening walk. The long days of summer give us plenty of opportunities for evening walks but it’s something we have never really explored…. I will make a note for next summer.

We met up at 6:30pm at Northumberlandia car park. For most of us this was our first visit and it’s fair to say we were all bowled over at our first sight of the world’s largest landform sculpture. Having walked through a copse of deciduous trees you are suddenly thrust into sunlight and ahead of you is silhouetted the profile of Northumberlandia. Nothing prepares you for the sheer scale of the thing and it takes your breath away at first.

There are footpaths snaking around the sculpture like contour lines on a map and you have your pick of any number of routes up to vantage points and seating places. I guess like everyone we headed for the head! The big surprise is the open cast mining that borders two sides of the Northumberlandia park. They are invisible at ground level but all too apparent as ugly black scars when you are perched atop the high points. Their activity gave birth to Northumberlandia and so they play a part in the whole experience but nonetheless they are shockingly bleak scars in the landscape.

We had a light picnic break, sheltered in the lee of Nortumberlandia’s large grassy chest and then admired the far ranging views of North Tyneside whilst wending our way around various body parts and footpaths. It is a spectacular place and well worth a visit if you get the chance.

Check out our gallery for photos of the walk.


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