No Place 10th August

Continuing our Weird & Wonderful theme, this walk took us to No Place!

Starting out at the Eden Place car park at the entrance to Beamish Museum this walk started out in dry weather despite portents of hurricane Bertha. A good turnout of a dozen cocked a snook at the weather forecast and set out through the lovely Beamish woods. If you’ve never walked here before, try it, the woods are really substantial and a great get away from the usual walking hot spots. The majority of the walk was along the Sustrans reclaimed railway line that once linked Consett and Sunderland. It’s a busy thoroughfare for local cyclists and runners but like many of these trails it has a lovely woodland feel and is good walking underfoot. Along the way we bumped into some great public art; a set of metal cows formed from old JCB parts. The photos I took and posted on Twitter got stacks of views from all over the world – 3,600 in total with 25 re-tweets as well. Join us on Twitter to see the full set.

We dined beneath a stone bridge as steady but gentle rain fell from the tail end of the weather front swirling over the UK. After a couple of miles we lifted out of the trail and up through Beamish village and on to the village of No Place for a brief visit along the handful of terraced streets left occupied. It has a renowned pub and a nice little community garden and a nice looking, but boarded up, Victorian school to its name, but little else.

Our walk re-joined the Sustrans way for a short distance before linking back up to Eden Place car park as the rain eased off.

A full gallery of photos from this walk is available on our Galleries page.

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