Hexhamshire 6th September

This turned out to be one of the great walks. Not because of any one thing but because of several things all joined together to make a really great walking day.

We met at the Dipton Mill Inn just south of Hexham; a superb little country pub that you can only dream about. Low ceilings, small windows, cosy atmosphere and a great location. We had lunch before the walk – most unusual and fitting nicely into the Weird & Wonderful theme of our current programme. The food is good here – nothing fancy, just decent pub grub nicely prepared on site.

Well fortified we set out on a 6 mile walk around the rolling hills of Hexhamshire accompanied by excellent weather – warm, bright and slightly breezy. The walk took us through Black Hall and the picturesque hamlet of Dye Houses with its well tended vegetable gardens and gurgling Rowley Burn. The landscape here is breathtaking; soft green hills and hidden gems of tiny settlements set amongst  pastureland and broadleaf copses. The loop of the walk brings us back via Mollersteads, so named as the local mallow plants were used in the dyeing process at the nearby hamlet. Heading back we pass through the lovely villages of Juniper and Lee  before crossing the Letah Burn near newbiggin House farm and heading back through glorious woodland paths to Dipton.

This walk can be found in the fabulous book Walking In The Northumberland Dales by Jennifer Norderhug and Barbara Thompson ISBN 978-1-85058-838-2

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