Hexham 28th September

A walk and a train ride – a winning combination for sure. This walk started out at Hexham station where we caught the 10:57 train to Hexham. There’s something decidedly olde worlde about the Tyne Valley line and it’s not just the rickety old trains or lumpy setas, it has a decided 1950s feel to it even for just one stop!

We de-trained at Corbridge and set off back to Hexham along the high running river Tyne. It’s a gentle start to this walk and we passed many Sunday morning dog walkers and locals out for a stroll in the first mile or so. After that the walk veers off and crosses the lovely Dilston Bridge and Devil’s Water to skirt round the edge of the Dilston Physic Garden just off the A695 and then leads to a stunning country lane. Now I’m rather partial to green lanes and this is one of the best. It follows long slow undulations of the land and is flanked by sweeping agriculture as well as lovely old trees and hedgerows. We had the beating September sun on our backs and it was like a summer walk in July!

We had lunch at Dilston Park – a lovely quiet spot with far reaching views back down to Corbridge. The walk continued up a sunken lane and on to Dukes House – an imposing country seat with some of the best chimneys you’ll ever see. The walk then exits lovely beech woodland before heading back down to Hexham from the road above.


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