Lumley 18th October

I must admit this walk was one hell of a surprise. Starting out in Riverside Park in Chester-Le-Street it took us through a ribbon of wooded countryside I never knew existed and that was a delight.

Striding up towards Lumley Castle we walked alongside a busy road before ducking down past a lovely looking pub called the Smiths Arms and under the A1. In total we crossed under, over and across this major artery four times during the walk. We continued into Lumley Park woods – a stunning beech woodland nestled beneath the battlements of the castle. We had lunch here – a fantastic place for a sandwich!

Skirting along the Lumley Park Burn we once more crossed over the A1 and on to The Haggs before cutting across fields  and down to the old Chester New Bridge. From here the footpath took us back along the river side into the park and back to our waiting vehicles. A truly Wonderful walk in a hidden part of the region.


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