Durham 11th November

In my opinion there is no finer city to walk in, around and between than Durham. Encircled by beautiful deciduous woodland glades and stitched together by the mighty Wear, it is a fine place.

All of our walks start beneath the hooves of Lord Londonderry’s statue and we had a fine crowd by 11:00am in the shadow of this fine centrepiece. As usual there are always new nooks and crannies to explore on a Durham walk and having braved the ascent to the railway station we set off into the network of pathways skirting the city. With fine views over the rooftops and on into the gently sloping Durham countryside from the Jubilee Walk, we dipped down towards the DLI museum before striking on towards outlying fields. There are fine views to be had of the Cathedral on the hills surrounding the city and we drank them all in before descending back to the city.

We had lunch on The Sands park before the second part of the walk – more urban but no less attractive. There are fine paved walks and pathways in the city itself that are well documented both in print and on the Internet so seek them out where you can and you won’t be disappointed.

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