Warkworth 30th November

The fine Indian Summer of 2014 extended right through October and November giving us fine walking weather at a normally bleak and chilly time of year.

Its a bit of a drive up to Warkworth but this walk was well worth it. Starting out on the threshold of the beach it wound its way through the dunes towards Amble and some fine brooding views of sailing boats under cloudy skies (see the Twitter posts and Gallery page).

We took an early lunch by the inlet to the port of Amble enjoying wheeling seabirds as the sun warmed our backs. Carrying on to the shoreline itself, we walked the fine golden sands northwards. The beach is littered with fine seashells and smooth polished stones along its length and we all picked up a keepsake or two as we  strode along.

Having traversed the dunes, we continued the walk into the town itself. It is a pretty place with a fine handsome castle standing guard over its streets and we enjoyed an extra mile or so of footpath walking to end the walk.

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