Felton 15th November 2015

Here we are half way through November with barely a frost in sight. This walk in Felton, Northumberland was blessed again with unseasonably warm weather.

I have seen the sign for Felton on many occasions when heading north to Alnwick but have never turned off to investigate. More fool me. It’s a lovely village on the Coquet with a massively popular tea shop, where we started the walk.

Although advertised as 5 miles, the walk was less although pretty heavy going through heavy mud and undulating hills.

Early on we passed what looked like a derelict church in Felton but it is actually a fully working house of worship albeit with a very low pitched roof that is invisible from the road. More of that later.

Our riverside walk was punctuated at one point by the high level of the river, forcing us to abandon a two mile extension as the path was underwater. The river itself was hurtling along despite the day’s dry weather – heavy rain in the previous two days had swelled the river’s volume way up stream.

We picked our way through muddy footpaths and slippery slopes on more than one occasion but thankfully we all stayed dry-shod and avoided being drawn into the muddy morasses all around us.

As we returned to Felton we paid the church a visit – what a lovely place it is. Certainly it is a hotch potch of several architectural period but once inside it knits together extremely well and is obviously used by community groups within the village. Worth a visit.

We ended our walk where we started, at the Running Fox Tea Room for a well earned repast.

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