Newbrough 30th August

There are probably few villages in the Tyne valley that don’t have some redeeming features and Newbrough has many to its credit. A lovely pub, super church and churchyard (with picturesque pond) and more than its share of handsome dwellings. We started our walk at the war memorial adjacent to the lovely village hall and struck out westwards through the village and then into the abundant woodland. Our route wound southwards towards the South Tyne, crossing the Tyne Valley railway and then flipping eastwards to follow both the river and the rail. It was quite tough going on a narrow path by the river, littered with holes and stones that made for tricky footfall.

As we reached the Fourstones paper mill we came upon the old mill ponds, remnants of when the mill was powered by water instead of electricity. Daintily negotiating the tricky footpath around them, we joined the main road and struck out towards Warden. After a pit stop at the excellent Boatside Inn we continued on through Warden itself and up through the village, quite a steep climb that took us eventually to the hill fort for lunch.

The return leg was thankfully all downhill and we criss-crossed roads and footpaths for two miles before ending the walk at the home of one of our walkers in Newbrough. We were treated to tea and cake and a well earned rest.

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