Causey Arch November 22nd 2015

The day started out unpromisingly; cold drizzle turned to heavy rain as we pulled away from home heading for Causey Arch. In fact it was so heavy we turned back to collect wellies and bigger coats!
However, once we reached Causey Arch all the day’s rain had fallen and we were greeted with clearing skies albeit with chilly temperatures – the first of the season.
Our walk wended for 5 miles through the wooded valley of the Causey Burn, still dusted with snow from the previous day, following the old wagon ways and narrow bramble strewn tracks. The temperature in the valley was a few degrees colder than up top and hats and scarves were definitely in order. It was, however, a lovely day with the sun sparkling on the high treetops and over the adjoining fields. At one point, having risen out of the valley and heading for Tanfield Village we startled a hare lying out between the rows winter wheat in snowy field. Startled, he bounded away to safety, his long legs springing over the frosty soil.
Lunch was taken on a bench in the middle of Tanfield Village.

The second part of the walk skirted the high wagon ways above the valley and once or twice we were greeted by the piercing whistle of the Tanfield steam train as it ferried passengers to and fro along the snowy lines of the railway. The day was now much brighter and temperatures had risen far enough for gloves and scarves to be tucked away. Our walk ended back at the picnic area car park and we ducked into the lovely Tea Room for tea and cake.

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