Newbrough 7th February 2016

There are some walks that, for all kinds of reasons, go down in your memory banks. Walks that your group talk about for years to come. This was such a walk.

After a back injury to the original walk leader we had to change our timetabled walk and @kevin_h_hilton stepped into the breach to lead a replacement walk from Newbrough. All started out well; a lovely rising lane took us from the village up towards the pasture land and moors of Tynedale. It was bright, sunny and not too cold.

Then we encountered the wind. The consensus afterwards was that it was the windiest walk we have ever undertaken. This wind was brutal. Just blustery and clumsy at first, it rolled over the moors carefully seeking out unwary walkers before gathering confidence as it sought out its prey and then it ripped down the Tyne valley, intent on despair.

As we crossed a squelchy, tussocky stretch of moorland it tugged at hats, scarves and gloves, trying to tip us over into the quagmire. It was so strong, so unremitting in its ferocity that we could barely speak to each other. Eyes and noses were watering. We drove on, hoping for a shelter belt of ugly conifers or a stone wall. None were to be found. After a short detour to the temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh we headed for respite amongst a narrow sunken gully, once a small quarry. This meagre shelter prove sufficient for a sit down and lunch eaten with frozen fingers as the wind screamed above our heads seeking us out.

After lunch with the wind chasing at our backs we headed along the footpath for Hadrian’s Wall for a mile or so before crossing the B6318. With the shelter of a belt of woodland we headed downhill towards Newbrough, passing through Carr Edge Farm with its sweeping views down to the Tyne. Thankfully the slightly sunken lane gave us some shelter on the last leg of the walk.

One to remember!

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