Teesside 17th April 2016

This was one of our rare urban\industrial walks. We should do more. This turned out to be a real cracker of a walk thanks to the sight-seeing and the weather.

We started out at the famous blue Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough. This was my first visit to this steel leviathan that spans the Tees in such muscular fashion. Its deep blue colour contrasted wonderfully with a pale blue sky dotted with white clouds and it was a great start to the walk. After passing through the austere (but fascinating) industrial hinterland around the river we encountered the brilliant Teessaurus Park – a small collection of steel dinosaurs that look like oversized childrens’ toys. Even though they are covered in graffiti they are remarkably striking as they cluster around a grassy knoll. On the far side of the dinosaurs is a wide view of industrial Teesside, taking in oil-rig construction and huge fabrication yards.

Continuing along the murky river we came upon the Meccano-like Newton Bridge, a red and white bridge providing drive over access for the cars of Teesside. We crossed the bridge and carried on towards the Tees Barrage, where we stopped for lunch.

The barrage itself is quite an attraction, taking in a white-water canoe course, a giant climbing frame and a nearby hotel. There were plenty of people about and we spent a good half hour taking in the sights. At this point we crossed back over the river and headed back towards the Transporter Bridge. As we skirted along the river banks on an excellent path we were watched! A pair of common seals poked eyes and nostrils above the water to see what we were up to.

The return stretch to the Transporter Bridge took us again through an industrial landscape of containers, potash distribution and big lorries.

A good walk if you fancy a change.

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