A walk around Newbrough 30th October 2016

I must admit to some impartiality when it comes to walking in the Tyne Valley. I love it.

It is one of THE best walking areas in the country with its beautiful rolling hills, winding river and ruggedly handsome architecture seemingly around every corner. Throw in a big old wall and a couple of market towns and who could wish for more?

Our walk started off in the pretty village of Newbrough and was soon striding across open fields on a crisp, bright Autumn day. After a mile or so we arrived at the hamlet of Allerwash with its small cluster of houses and neat well-tended gardens. The display of yellow crab apples in one garden was quite a sight. After following the Haydon Bridge road for half a mile or so we took a sharp right and headed of up a country lane, pausing in a steep grassy field for lunch. Far in the distance we could see the white smoke of the famous Hexham factory.

After lunch our walk followed a rollercoaster track up to New Alston where we were passed by a group of [dirty] dirt bikes looking for all the world like a bunch of extras from Mad Max 2. Whilst crossing a field we came across a bunch of very sheepish looking sheep. As their numbers parted we realised why. In amongst them all was a very conspicuous Suffolk ram sporting a lovely raddle complete with orange marker. All the ewes had orange rumps. No wonder they were looking sheepish!

The final leg of the walk took us down through Settling Stones and a marvellous stretch of beech-lined track that was golden yellow and shining in the late afternoon sun. It was an absolute picture.

Following the road we came out, after a junction, at the lovely church of St Peter in Newbrough. Cutting through the churchyard we completed the final stretch across the fields back to Newbrough village.

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