A walk to the sea at Whitley Bay 28th May 2017


If you don’t know the North East coastline then be quick; your life is ebbing away and you need to visit!

We don’t walk the coast much as a group which is a shame, but out of summer it can be a touch blustery. And wet.

This walk started out at the charming Monkseaton Metro station and wended its way through old waggon ways to the coast. Here’s the story.

Full on spring sunshine warmed our shoulders at the start of this long walk and it was most welcome. A good turnout for this family ramble with plenty of offspring in attendance as exams weren’t yet on the horizon or university was finished. The first leg was easy walking on flat cinder wagon-ways past bright spring flowers and grazing cows. In fact, it was such good walking that we missed the turn on the footpath. By about a mile.

Never mind, we went another way instead after a brief committee meeting.

After a slightly longer walk than was expected, and a pit stop at a local café, we arrived at the slightly faded glamour of Whitley Bay sea front. The good weather had brought out plenty of families and the ice cream shop was doing a roaring trade. Even more so after we arrived! 99s and monkey’s blood all round.

After some breathtaking views of St Mary’s lighthouse we headed into the suburbs and back to the Metro station.

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