A walk around Kielder – August 6th 2017

Somewhat optimistically this post is entitled a walk around Kielder. We didn’t manage an entire circumference of the reservoir as that’s rather a long walk. About 27 miles apparently. Nonetheless, we went around some of it. About 20%.

The original plan was to start at the Lewisburn car park but when we arrived it was shut. And shut permanently by the looks of it, so we made alternative plans. Doubling back we parked up at Tower Knowe visitor centre and decided to walk from there, across the dam and into the woods.

Following the easy footpath we arrived at the dam after quarter of a mile and headed across. There’s always something cinematic about dams, I feel. Not sure whether that is the Dam Busters, the Fugitive, or Golden Eye or indeed any number of other films shot in and around dams. They’re certainly spectacular examples of engineering and often great honeypots for wildlife.

At the far side of the dam, the going gets a little more rural and the footpath a bit more undulating and we picked our way through trees and bushes heading for lunch at the Belling, home of the Wave Chamber. This is a small, dry stone building looking for all the world like a bee hive. Inside there is a small seat and when the door is closed and there is almost total darkness, you can hear the sounds of the nearby waves (it’s right on the water side) bouncing off the rocky shore.  It’s very immersive.

After lunch we headed further along the coastal path to where Goodwell Sike enters the lake before heading back. By this time the rain had begun to fall, the skies were gloomy and our pace started to quicken along the forest track. Thankfully the trees overhead afforded us some good cover as we headed back to the dam. After crossing the dam we headed for the café at Tower Knowle for a cup of tea, before heading home.

6 miles.

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