Heavensfield & Fallowfield 8th October 2017

We have walked in and around Heavensfield many, many times over the years. This was the first time we had started a walk here and probably the only time we hadn’t visited St Oswald’s church. Nonetheless, we had an excellent walk in the October sunshine.

Veering off left of the church, we followed the footpath parallel to the Military Road and swept down grassy pasture for about ½ mile before passing through a gate and crossing the aforesaid road. Here you will find remains of Hadrian’s Wall, standing out abruptly against the sheep pasture. After zig-zagging through recently harvested fields we then found ourselves on an idyllic country lane. High stretching horse chestnut trees glowed an intense gold all around us and their leaves clattered down onto rough stone walls. A magical #Autumn scene.

Our bucolic feelings were short lived, unfortunately, as the footpath rose steeply up a grassy bank towards Fallowfield. What a climb! However, we were rewarded with spectacular view northwards over Northumbria. It’s a great spot.

from Fallowfield October 2017

After lunch in the nearby woodland of Fallowfield Dene we set off on the second leg of this lovely ramble and found ourselves at the site of a Roman quarry at Written Crag where stone for the Wall was no doubt hewn by cheerfully whistling legionnaires. After a mile or so we encountered walkers coming in the opposite direction. They turned out to be Dutch schoolchildren on a school trip – what fantastic weather they were enjoying and such stunning countryside. There was about 20 of them in total and we had a short chat with them.

Heading North again, we crossed high sheep pasture before joining a minor road that took us back to our cars after about a mile.

5 miles.

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