Sunset Stroll at Stocksfield August 25th

One of our regular walk leaders, Kevin Hilton, suggested a short walk for this programme – only 2 ½ miles he said. How about we do this one evening? I suggested. Good idea.

So here we were, parked up at Stocksfield on a balmy August evening ready for a short walk in the Tyne Valley. I’m going to have to type quickly as we get to the end of the walk really soon and I don’t want to run out of time, so here goes.

Starting out through lovely deciduous woodland the walk rose through the trees by well worn footpaths surrounding the village; just as the rain started. Thankfully, not too heavily and as we were under the canopy, we didn’t suffer too much. It was almost dusk like conditions at this point, yet in a group we all felt safe and un-threatened as we wove our way through unknown footpaths and copses.

Almost surprisingly we encountered the village suburbs and skimmed off the edge of the village as we ducked and dived through the labyrinthine pathways, passing well tended gardens, wooden sculptures and playgrounds.

After only an hour or so of carefree rambling we were back at the cars, walk over and everyone happy.

So happy, in fact, that we headed off to the Bluebell Inn in High Mickley to rehydrate.

2.5 miles

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