Walk 2 Riding Mill Sunday 9th February

We did this walk last year in the snow. We did four or five walks in the snow last year as that sharp, snow laden late winter bit hard across northern England. This year we did it in the mud. Lots of mud.

Nine and a half miles is a pretty long walk for our group and the first 4 were hard going, slogging through ankle deep mud on the rise above the village. Once we reached High Plains Farm there was a bit of respite as we headed through woodland that had a deep covering of fallen leaves but we were soon back on slippery ground as the walk continued.Lunch in the woods was a welcome respite as we kicked clarts off our boots and settled down for sandwiches and tea. After lunch we passed a lovely rural house at the foot of an idyllic hollow and then later the beautiful Healey Mill, complete with old mill race. It was a long haul out of the valley but on metalled road it was a welcome change from the all enveloping mud.

Sweeping back down to Riding Mill station we completed the 9.5 miles; very leg weary but content.

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