A walk in Durham city

13th November 2016

As a group we have walked around the wooded environs of Durham many, many times. It never fails to deliver a perfect mixture of urban and country walking and it is well worth researching one of the numerous excellent walks to see some of the more unusual vistas the city has to offer.

Starting out beneath the statue of the Marquis of Londonderry, we headed down to the riverside for a short stretch before doubling back on ourselves and climbing up to the refurbished Wharton Park. This green space, recently rejuvenated, sits high up near the railway station and commands superb views over the higgledy-piggledy rooftops of the city. If you’re lucky you get to see a train sweeping across the arc of the viaduct and pulling into the lofty station.

From here we headed out of town, parallel to the northbound railway line, taking a narrow loop back towards the city. Passing by the excellent Crook Hall, we crossed the river once more and climbed a steep footpath between tightly packed houses that led us up to Gilesgate.

From here we plunged into autumnal woodland high above the snaking River Wear, descending gradually to walk past Durham Old Garden and down past the rowing clubs and University playing fields (lacrosse anyone?). A final steep climb at Maiden Castle revealed our last view of the magnificent cathedral before heading down into the city centre and a well earned cuppa.

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